Trisha – Staff Spotlight!

trisha staff spotlightOur staff spotlight this month is Trisha! She is our check-in receptionist and is always greeting patients with a smile. She’s been with us 5 ½ years and is a great member of our team!

Where are you from?

Canton, Ohio

Likes and interests (how many kids, hobbies, etc):

I enjoy reading and playing with my puppy Remington.

How long you have worked for the practice?

5½ years

Why you like working for Dr. Dietrich:

He is very intelligent, hardworking and caring toward his staff and patients.

What you love about northeast Ohio:

Summer, sunshine

Fav sports teams:

Cleveland Cavs, Cleveland Browns

Favorite TV Shows, movies:

Anything on HGTV, Grey’s Anatomy, Fifty First Dates

Favorite books:

Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight