Extraction of Teeth

Extraction of a tooth may be required for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Dental decay
  • Impacted teeth
  • Pain
  • Gum disease
  • Infection
  • Fractured or broken teeth 

These conditions are usually first evaluated by your general dentist. After the dental exam is complete, a recommendation for extraction is sometimes made.

Tooth removal can significantly vary in level of difficulty, as well as in stress/anxiety levels for each patient. We recommend you visit the Anesthesia tab of this website. This will allow you to read about the multiple options to make you comfortable for this procedure.

When tooth removal is required, it is important to consider what will be done with the empty space. Missing teeth frequently lead to other problems. Without a balanced bite, empty spaces will lead to:

  • deterioration of the jaw bone
  • shifting of other teeth
  • may place additional bite forces on other teeth

These factors progress to  gum disease, tilting of teeth, and tooth fracture, often necessitating additional extractions. For these reasons, many patients anecdotally feel that once “one tooth goes bad, the others tend to follow.”

There are many options for replacing missing teeth. Your dentist is always open to a conversation explaining these options. We recommend a thoughtfully laid out treatment plan prior to extraction.

If you would like to replace the tooth with an implant, an appropriate volume and strength of bone is needed. If you and your dentist plan on placing a bridge, proper gum and bone health is needed. Dr. Dietrich will discuss these options with you at the time of your tooth extraction. For some extraction procedures, a minor, adjunct  bone grafting procedure will be recommended to improve the success of tooth replacement.

Please view the bone grafting and socket preservation portions of this website for further details.



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My son was nervous about his appointment/procedure. Dr. Dietrich and his staff put him at ease immediately. Everything went so smooth. My son couldn’t believe it was over as soon as it was. He was surprised and said “wow it didn’t hurt at all.”

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Dr. Dietrich is AWESOME!! Thank you!

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

We have known Dr. Tom for 8 years. He is nothing but professional! When my daughter needed some teeth removed, we knew immediately we would go to Dr. Tom! He made my daughter feel very comfortable & even made jokes with her. She wasn’t nervous at all!! The staff was great, the new updated office is very nice! If anyone in my family ever needs anything done or fixed we won’t go to anyone but Dr. Tom!

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