Our Latest Patient Testimonial

In short, this practice is awesome, and from the get-go. I had a tooth that had been increasing in pain and got to be nearly unbearable. I ended up at a dentist who sent me to an endodontist who found the tooth cracked and thus was unable to do a root canal, so said I needed to see an oral surgeon and referred me to Dietrich & Associates. This was all around the July 4th holiday and they weren't able to get me in for another week when the endodontist scheduled with them for me. Since this had been going on for a while, I was in extreme non-stop pain at this point so I called and explained what was going on to Abbey at Dietrich & Associates. Abbey was my initial contact, took the time to show care and compassion (which was unusual in my experience) and said she would talk directly to both doctors on my behalf to see what could be done. Much to my surprise Abbey called back hours later and said they found a way to get me in the next day! I was so joyful I was nearly in tears - not only that I saw the end in sight, BUT that Abbey and obviously Dr. Dietrich and Dr. Beushausen seemed to really care and understand my situation. I went in and Dr. Beushausen was able to remove the offending tooth and prep it for a permanent implant. Dr. Beushausen took his time to explain absolutely everything they were going to do (I was also being put to sleep for it), he let me ask questions and did NOT rush me at all. All the other assistants were also very good with me. Bottom line is every single person at Dietrich & Associates gave me confidence and made me feel very comfortable. This practice is the only oral surgery practice you should be considering. Period.

- Bruce H

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