Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I’m 40 years old and needed wisdom tooth removal. I had 3 in total, and only one was partially impacted. You must understand that I have a pathological fear of the dentist and oral surgeon. I had a traumatic experience as a small child that resulted from emergency oral surgery to have a tooth reimplanted. It was an awful experience that has followed me my entire life and was primarily the reason I still had wisdom teeth at 40. I went to high school with Dr. Dietrich, and if I was going to get this done, I wanted to go to someone I trusted and had an exceptional reputation. My consult was a breeze, and I immediately felt better about the procedure. I scheduled my surgery and was really nervous as the time drew closer and closer. On the morning of the operation, I was definitely freaked out, but when I got there, Dr. Dietrich put my mind at ease once again. Something I thought was really unique is that he does his own IV’s. Doctor’s don’t do that. I was a medic for a long time, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a doctor start an IV before. In my opinion, that shows an exceptional level of patient care. General anesthesia was the best fit for me, and honestly, I don’t remember anything much beyond the IV being placed. I woke up almost exactly 45 minutes later, and that was that. I’m an Autism, and Special Needs parent of 3 and my life is incredibly complicated. I was very concerned about the recovery period because as a full-time caregiver, I needed to be back on my feet ASAP. I can honestly say that I never experienced any pain. I had mild discomfort where the impacted tooth was, but at most, it felt like I had bit my cheek or something. Even that was very brief and didn't disrupt anything. That was it. I was given pain meds, but I only needed the Motrin. I didn’t even have any noticeable swelling. I’m over 2 weeks outside of my surgery, and I haven’t had a single problem. My experience has been beyond anything I expected. Dr. Dietrich and his kind, compassionate staff, helped me through this process. They were patient with me and my fears and never made me feel like I was crazy. While I don’t plan on ever needing oral surgery again, I would never want to go anywhere else. I had heard so many nightmare stories about wisdom tooth removal, and that didn’t help. I highly recommend that you NEVER watch any of the YouTube videos out there of people sharing their stories. My experience was nothing like that at all. I firmly believe that the quality of the surgeon has a direct impact on the experience. Dr. Dietrich is the best and coming from someone who’s lived their entire life in fear of the dentist and oral surgeon, that says a lot. Trust me, I researched and researched for quite some time, before making my decision to go to Dr. Dietrich. I can’t thank Dr. Dietrich and his staff enough. I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone, friends or family, especially if they have a fear of the dentist or oral surgeon.

- Rob G

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